Help with Facilities Map

Here is an explanation of the numbered elements above and what they do:


1. You can select which floor of The History Museum you want to view


2. You can click the ‘+’ to zoom in on the map; you can click the ‘-‘ to zoom out from the map. You can also use your mouse’s scroll-wheel to zoom in and zoom out. You can move the map around in zoom mode by left-clicking on the map and moving your mouse around.


3. If you have zoomed-in to a portion of the map, by click this button it will return the map to its original size.


4. You can click this to make the map fullscreen on your computer. You can then press your ESC key to return to the map in regular view.


5. This is the main map viewing window. You can click on each of the colored markers to find out information pertaining to that area of the museum. (see number 6)


6. These are drop-down selection menus for each area of the museum. If you click one of the colored bars, a menu drops down that lists the different areas and facilities of the museum. If you click one of the areas on the drop down menu it will then show you on the map (Number 5) what area you clicked.


Hope this helps. If you have further questions, please contact

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