Special Announcement

June 16, 2020



The staff and leadership of The History Museum are distraught, appalled, and frustrated over the violent and tragic deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and too many others.


Racism is rooted in America’s history, and technology and social media have made this crisis more visible. Our museum is alive with hearts and minds that feel and think. When horrific actions take place, when ugly patterns continue cementing themselves in our world, we must join with our brothers and sisters in institutions across the country and around the world and say:  No more. Not today. Not next year. Not ever again. These injustices must stop. This pattern must be obliterated.


The History Museum believes it is our duty and obligation to ensure that we as an organization create a clear plan of action, spreading a message of anti-racism to help to eradicate it from our communities.  We are fully committed to using our platform to ignite systemic and substantial change by:


·         Practicing inclusion in staff, committees, board, volunteers, and membership

·         Educating and providing resources that support anti-racist efforts

·         Investing in internal training of staff and leadership on racial equity, inclusivity, and impact bias

·         Prioritizing diversity, equity, access, and inclusion in our strategic planning

·         Appointing board members to uphold and report on equity and inclusivity integration

·         Partnering and collaborating with cultural organizations, associations, and government agencies to provide models and share resources


We look forward to prioritizing these issues with our community today and in the future.  If you have models, resources, or are interested in partnering in this initiative, please contact us.



The Board of Trustees and Staff

The History Museum/Northern Indiana Historical Society, Inc.

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